You can download RTPCR reports from this page if you had given your sample in any of Govt. facilities in Ambala. You only need to submit your SRF ID (which you’d have received in an SMS on your phone) to download your report. You can only download your reports 2 days after you had given your sample. For example, if you have given your sample on 1st March your report would only be available from the evening of 3rd March.

Disclaimer: These reports are generated on basis of data provided by Health Department Ambala. If there is an error in your report or if you can’t find your report, please contact Civil Surgeon’s office for the same. or its admins bear no responsibility for any error in the data.

Note: Your SRF ID should be a twelve-digit number beginning with 6. If your SRF ID begins with a 0, please don’t enter that first 0 in the form below. For example, if your SRF ID is 0606700012345, please fill 606700012345. If you need to download another report, please click here after downloading the previous report.